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Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Hamburg

Guided Affective Imagery, Symbol Work, Psychodrama


Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

The basic presuppostion of Psychodynamic Psychotherapy is the existence of an unconscious and therefore of unconcsious connections of your problems and your biography. Once you are conscious about what has happened and are able to look at the events and feelings you have repressed for your own protection to can integrate them into your life. Psychodynamic Psychotherapy stems from Depth Psychology. Depth refers both to the depth of the unconscious and the depth of time, i.e. the ongoing influences of childhood on your present life. This form of psychotherapy dates back to Sigmund Freud, C. G. Jung and Alfred Adler amongst others. However, their original ideas and findings have been developed considerably since.

Guided Affective Imagery 

As a part of psychodynamic psychotherapy, I use Guided Affective Imangery. This method was developed by Hanscarl Leuner. Its origin can be traced back to Active Imagination by C. G. Jung. However, Guided Affective Imagery is more structured. Both methods use imaginations. These inner pictures use all five human senses; action develops as in a daydream. Guided Affective Imagery symbolically shows the current feelings and situation of the individual as well as his major conflicts and resources. The contents of the imagination can be used both diagnostically and therapeutically. 

Work with Symbols

The work with symbols has been developed by Maria-Elisabeth Wollschläger and Gerhard Wollschläger in Germany as part of the Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. Symbols are an effective instrument as they mirror inner feelings in the outside through pictures and objects. These personal symbols lead out of the state of having no voice to describe one's current condition. Thus, symbols allow for inner conflicts and resources to be seen and experienced more distinctly.


Psychodrama was invented by Jacob Levy Moreno. It is an action-oriented method that is most often used in group therapy. In individual therapy it is called monodrama. The non-existing other players are being substituted by objects or pictures. Thus, psychodrama can ideally be combined when working with symbols

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