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The harmony between two people has always to be conquered anew.

Simone de Beauvoir

The wish to use couple counseling generally originates in times of conflict or crisis. I speak of conflicts when a problem has been developing over a considerable amount of time - often unrealized in the beginning. At some point, however, one or both partners understand that they cannot continue in the same fashion. A crisis, however, occurs suddenly through unexpected events. Conflicts often are a result either of the normal life cyle, e.g. the entering into mid-life or going into retirement of one or both partners. Or a new cyle within the partnership begins, e.g. because a child is born.

The goals of couple counseling can be summed up in three points: more self-understanding, a better understanding of the partner, insights into the couple dynamics. The overall goal resulting from this is so-called co-evolution (Jürg Willi), i.e. the personal development as well as the development as a couple.

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