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First Meeting

In our first meeting we talk about your problems and goals. In general there will be up to five so-called probatory sessions before we both finally decide about a cooperation.


In general you will get an appointment within one to two weeks for our first meeting. 


I have a private practice. German health insurances therefore do not pay for a psychotherapy with me. If you are an expatriate and have an international health insurance special regulations may apply. Please make sure before we get started, if they pay for my services.

If you have a German health Insurance, you have the option to pay for a private additional health insurance that covers psychotherapy by "Heilpraktiker". The costs vary between 10 to 40 euros per month. In general, you cannot start a therapy at once, but have to wait between three to six months. This waiting time may be less below the one for a therapy place with a psychotherapist with a German health insurance licence. In Hamburg this waiting time is on an average 6 months.

In general, you might want to rethink if you want your health insurance to pay for the psychotherapy. If you want to get a life insurance later on or an insurance that pays if you cannot work any more, you will have to state any previous illnesses. As a rule you will have to pay very high risk surcharges.

One psychotherapy session (= 50 minutes) with me costs 90 euros.
One couple counseling session (= 60 minutes) costs 120 euros.
One grief counseling session (= 50 minutes) costs 90 euros.

How long does the therapy last?

This question cannot be answered in general as every psychotherapy takes its individual course. At any rate it is in my interest to make the therapy as short as possible. As a rule of thumb, a short therapy takes 25 sessions, a long-term therapy 50 sessions. In specific cases more hours are needed.

In couple counseling on an average 10 sessions will be needed, however, less sessions or more are possible depending on the individual situation.

Psychological grief counseling can last only a few sessions or up to 1.5 years. In this latter case meetings will take place only every 3 - 4 weeks. Again, individual arrangements will be made.

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Personal contact is crucial!

Call me at: 040 - 42 93 59 02. When I am in a meeting you will not reach me directly. Please leave a message. I will call you back. You can also write an e-mail: info (at)
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