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Psychotherapy Hamburg

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What are your problems and goals?

The most frequant problems that lead people to start a psychotherapy are anxieties, depressions and psychosomatic illnesses (physical illnesses that have no phycical cause). According to the German Bundespsychotherapeutenkammer (Association of German Psychotherapists) almost every third person suffers from a mental illness within a year. Figures from other European countries and the United States of America paint a similar picture. Of course there are other mental problems that make people look for a psychotherapist. The suffering often cannot be well defined and is difficult to put into a diagnostic schema. What are your problems and goals?

Alleviate your suffering! 

The first step often is the most difficult one - but often also the beginning of an improvement. Nobody hesitates to go and see a doctor when s/he suffers from long-term headaches or looks for a cure from stomach problems. More often than not many people shy away from asking for professional help when they have  mental problems. Don't be one of them. Decide to get a first appointment today. The decision alone often is a relief. Alleviate your suffering!

Why does psychotherapy work? 

According to Klaus Grawe there are five elements that make psychotherapy work.

Therapeutic relationship: a good working relationship between the therapist and the patient has been proven to lead to a more successful therapeutic result.

Activation of resources: the strengths (!) that a patient has are being used for therapy.

Actualization of problems: the patient directly experiences his problems through the methods used by the therapist and their conversation.

Clarification of motives: the patient realizes the origins, backgrounds and perpetuating factors that lead to his or her problematic experiences and/or behavior. 

Mastering of problems: the therapist supports the patient through well-tested methods to positively experience the mastering of his or her problems.

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